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Burgess Concrete Construction Gets Triple Threat for Tough Jobs
31 May 2017
Burgess Concrete Construction recently joined hundreds of Autocar customers by adding a custom-made Autocar truck to their fleet. giving them the assurance of more uptime and reliability on every job.
Robinson Concrete Contractors partner with Autocar
21 Apr 2017
Autocar recently welcomed new partners Robinson Concrete Contractors Inc. to the family. This arrangement will see Robinson Concrete Contractors Inc. add a custom-engineered Autocar ACX 8x4 concrete pumper to their fleet of trucks.
Beefing Up Your Concrete Pump Fleet? Read This First.
19 Dec 2016
Total Cost of Ownership is kind of a big deal when it comes to running a large concrete pump truck fleet. Journalist Steve Maurer dives into the details with Joe Irving, founder of Irving Equipment, and Joe Robinson and Tim Boyle of Wm. L. Robinson Concrete Contractors.
Family-Owned Concrete Pump Operator Secures New Weapon to Improve Their Competitiveness
26 Jan 2016
A family-owned concrete pump operator in Texas has found a secret new weapon to improve their productivity, build their customer satisfaction and competitive advantage: Instead of following the crowd they made a change and purchased a new Autocar concrete pump truck chassis to transform their business.
Autocar Trucks Help Concrete Pumpers Manage Surge in Major Construction Projects
28 Jan 2015
Concrete pumpers across the United States are relying on the nations first truck builder, Autocar Trucks, to build a new generation of concrete pump trucks to handle the recent surge in major construction activity.