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Autocar Trucks Speaks on Fuel Emissions Regulations and The Growing CNG/Hybrid Market
19 Jun 2015
"Anything that can lead to a cleaner environment and lower the use of fossil fuels is a positive thing for everybody" - and Autocar takes that very seriously when interviewed by the International Business Times for a response to the recent proposal from the Obama administration on lowering emissions standards.
City of Loveland Expects Big Savings with Hydraulic Hybrid Garbage Trucks
06 Jan 2015
The City of Loveland, Colo., recently replaced six of its 16 garbage trucks with hydraulic hybrid models - a move city officials say will mean big savings. Each new truck features a chassis from Indiana-based Autocar and a RunWise hydraulic drive system from Ohio-based Parker Hannifin Corp. As Loveland explains in a press release, the hydraulic drive system uses a simple but high-tech mechanism that stores braking energy, then releases it to accelerate the vehicle to the next stop with much less reliance on the diesel-guzzling engine.