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Sysco Partners with Autocar to Improve Productivity
07 Apr 2017
Sysco, Cleveland recently had a need to expand their fleet of trucks without settling for a generic and outdated solution that most find in the trucking business. They approached Autocar to create a unique solution that would optimize productivity in both their employees and equipment.
Autocar Partners With Pacific Rail
08 Mar 2017
Pacific Rail/RMS Intermodal has worked closely with the Autocar terminal tractor team for many years. Together, we have developed an outstanding custom truck to ensure Pacific Rail remains a leader in its industry, improving on productivity, safety and vehicle uptime. These designs have shaped four unique generations of Pacific Rail's specifications, while influencing the Autocar ACTT® terminal tractor's base design as the most reliable terminal tractor on the market.
Autocar Partners With Dayton Freight
08 Mar 2017
The Autocar terminal tractor team have been working closely with Dayton Freight Lines, Inc. for many years. Together, we have developed an outstanding relationship, building a custom Autocar ACTT® truck that instils a sense of pride in each and every operator.
Eagle Intermodal Revamps their Terminal Tractor Fleet
02 Feb 2017
Eagle Intermodal and Autocar worked closely together to rebuild the Eagle terminal tractor fleet with custom engineered solutions.
Glasvan Introduces Industry to Autocar Terminal Tractors
04 Apr 2012
TORONTO, Ont. — Fleet operators and equipment aficionados got their first up-close look at Autocar’s Xspotter terminal tractor yesterday, at a customer event hosted by Glasvan Great Dane.