Robinson Concrete Contractors partner with Autocar

Central Pennsylvania – Wm. L. Robinson Concrete Contractors Inc. have recently partnered with Autocar to add a custom-engineered Autocar ACX 8x4 concrete pumper to their fleet of trucks.

The decision comes after some deliberation from owners Bill and Jeff Robinson on what truck would be able to perform in the rough conditions they face in their line of work without the hassles of downtime. Once the owners toured the Autocar and Allison Transmission plants, they found their solution in the form of a tailor-made Autocar ACX 8x4 custom chassis with a 45m pump.

“After meeting the Autocar guys, touring the Autocar and Allison Transmission plants, the choice for us was clear, and we have been thrilled with our decision.”

The Autocar ACX concrete truck frame has a Resistance Bending Moment of 3.3 million to 4.2 million lb. making it one of the toughest trucks currently on the market. For Robinson Concrete, the trucks spacious cab features, handling and overall uptime have been some great perks in the addition to their fleet of trucks.

“The space, comfort, visibility, ride, handling and overall uptime - it has it all. We genuinely love our Autocar ACX 8x4 truck,” says Jeff Robinson.

These severe duty cab over engine trucks are specifically built with productivity, efficiency and safety in mind. This standard is backed by Autocar’s Always Up promise which ensures its customers receive lifetime factory-direct contact to their service command center should any problems arise. Thus far, Robinson Concrete have not experienced any issues with Jeff Robinson noting just over a year of great service.

“We've had the Autocar 8x4 now in operation for over a year, literally without a single incident of downtime.”

As Robinson Concrete Contractors continue to grow, this new partnership allows them to focus on their business needs while their associates at Autocar handle their concrete pump truck needs.