Discover the Autocar Difference by getting it Done-Done!!

At Autocar, we take a different approach; we begin by addressing the customer's needs and reverse-engineer our solutions from there. While this approach adds complexity due to the high level of customization, it's the essence of our philosophy and the only way to uphold our Always Up® commitment. This approach is the hard way, but it’s the right way and in order to deliver on our promise, we have to get things Done-Done!

In the refuse industry, Autocar collaborates with select body companies to achieve the highest level of body integration available. These innovative partnerships eliminate the need for extensive chassis modifications typically required to fit a body onto a truck. By pre-engineering chassis to body components, we significantly reduce the pass-through rate of body companies, thus increasing uptime and driver safety. Each refuse truck is custom-built and assembled in the USA to address specific customer needs and get their jobs Done-Done!.

Autocar's dedication to achieving "Done-Done" extends to our production process, where body components are seamlessly integrated during assembly. This ensures our trucks are delivered ready-to-work with OEM-quality installations, accelerating the delivery process. "Done-Done" means precision laser cutting of chassis to the required length and rear cutoff, and facilitating exact body installations. It also means body-integrated holes are punched, not drilled, preserving the truck's structural integrity while eliminating the need for welding.

When is comes to service we also do things differently, "Done-Done" translates to direct access to Autocar's dedicated team, committed to our customers' success. From expert technicians at Autocar Solutions® to nationwide service locations and a responsive parts team, we just go further and support our customers for the life of their trucks. This comprehensive approach and 24/7 Direct Factory Support is why Autocar consistently achieves "Done-Done" status and will continue to do so for the life of your truck... which, with Autocar's quality and support, is a very long time!

By uniquely designing, manufacturing, servicing, we will revolutionize the tools for our customers, to make it easy and simple to be Always Up®


  • Provide trucks that deliver the best value
  • Provide the best service
  • Provide a complete solution for our customers' needs
  • Do the work right the first time
  • Act proactively, timely, and with simplicity