The Brand is Born...

Autocar's history began in 1897,when Louis Semple Clarke built "Autocar No. 1", a tricycle powered by a one-cylinder gasoline engine, now in the Smithsonian National Museum of American History.

After 125 years, the innovative Autocar brand is the oldest vehicle nameplate in America and the Autocar of today is the only truck manufacturer dedicated to severe-duty vocational applications. However, the future of Autocar is just beginning, with new innovations and products being introduced every year. When you see an Autocar truck on the road, be sure to spot the iconic Autocar bowtie logo still proudly displayed on the grille of every truck that rolls out the factory.

More than a truck

Through the years, thousands of men and women have sat behind the wheel of an Autocar Truck and each has a story to tell.

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