Severe-Duty Cab-Over Front-End Loader


Autocar is all about tough and durable equipment. That's why we created the ACX Front-End Loader. It's designed to pick up heavy trash bins, made to stand up to constant use, and pack in a maximum amount of power. When it comes to heavy lifting - there's no better tool for the job than the ACX.

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An Autocar severe duty ACX front end loader truck built for waste disposal.


Autocar provides the highest level of body integration on the market by partnering with body builders to pre-engineer the integration of the body and chassis. This creates one fully integrated tool.


Autocar Trucks are purpose-built to meet the exact needs of each customer which starts by learning the unique demands of not only their business but each and every application they serve.


3 years ahead of the competition, Autocar was the first OEM to offer a CNG cabover truck. Year after year the ACX continues to lead the way in reducing emissions in the refuse industry.

The ACX severe duty front-end loader with green body parked on a dirt road.

Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)

The Waste Collection Industry is among those with the highest rates of fatal work injuries and to help address this, Autocar partnered with WABCO to develop a new standard of security for drivers - ADAS. An Autocar ACX with ADAS empowers drivers with six advanced and embedded safety features.

  • ESC - actively intervenes when the vehicle is under or oversteering in order to maintain vehicle stability
  • RSC - actively intervenes when the vehicle is at risk of a driver induced rollover event
  • AEBS - vehicle detects an impending collision and actively engages emergency brakes
  • FCW - driver visibly and audibly warned of impending collision
  • SMA - visibly and audibly warns the driver of a vehicle in a blind spot at 0 mph
  • BSD - flashing light located on the A-pillar warns the driver of a vehicle in the blind spot


The industry's best performance, fuel economy, low operating cost per mile, and backed by the best service and parts network.


Horsepower 295-430
Torque 1050-1361
A Cummins L9 engine.


Horsepower 350-500
Torque 1250-1700
A Cummins X12 engine.


Horsepower 320-400
Torque 1150-1450
A Cummins ISX 12N engine.