Severe-Duty Cab-Over Rear-End Loader


If you drive a rear-end loader refuse truck, you know it isn't for the faint of heart. It's hard work, day in and day out. That's why Autocar custom-engineers trucks to meet the demands of the job. No generic stock trucks - just the right tool for the job, built to make your life easier.

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The Autocar severe duty ACX rear-end loader trash truck, parked by the water’s edge


Autocar provides the highest level of body integration on the market by partnering with body builders to pre-engineer the integration of the body and chassis. This creates one fully integrated tool.


Autocar Trucks are purpose-built to meet the exact needs of each customer which starts by learning the unique demands of not only their business, but each and every application they serve.


3 years ahead of the competition, Autocar was the first OEM to offer a CNG cabover truck. Year after year the ACX continues to lead the way in reducing emissions in the refuse industry.

A blue Autocar ACX severe duty rear-end loader truck with power of one integration.

The Power of One® Integration

Autocar partners with willing body companies to deliver the highest level of body integration in the industry. Power of One Integration ensures a fully integrated, production-ready tool for seamless body mounting. This collaboration is a breakthrough process that eliminates the need for chassis modifications and produces an assembled solution for the customer's needs.

  • Collaborating with body builders to integrate key body mount features, facilitating clean body installation and uptime
  • All body components are installed during production process with full OEM quality-- delivering ready-to-work trucks faster
  • Chassis are laser cut to the required length with the desired rear cutoff, allowing the installation of the body to be exact
  • Body-integrated holes are punched, not drilled, which eliminates welding and preserves the truck's integrity


The industry's best performance, fuel economy, low operating cost per mile, and backed by the best service and parts network.


Horsepower 295-430
Torque 1050-1361
A Cummins L9 engine.


Horsepower 350-500
Torque 1250-1700
A Cummins X12 engine.


Horsepower 320-400
Torque 1150-1450
A Cummins ISX 12N engine.