Autocar trucks are different and better… because everything we do is focused on making you successful.

We do things right the first time, the hard way, but we wouldn’t want it any other way!
- We work with you differently
- We custom spec and build your trucks differently
- We support you differently
- We integrate with our bodybuilder partners differently

7 Reasons Why Autocar Is Better

1. Custom Built With Your Company DNA

Custom engineering is what we do. We listen to your exact needs and work backwards from there to design and hand-build a severe-duty tool that will be a member of your family for decades. So we never build a truck and find something for it to do, we find a job that needs to be done and build the tool that gets it DONE-DONE!

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2. The Most Integrated Truck in the US

Every Autocar truck is built right the first time, for the exact job it’s going to do. That means custom-engineering your trucks and integrating with the body you choose. Your truck is hand-built on Autocar's production line, highly integrated, custom and premium…no generic stock trucks. This is how we avoid chopping, changing, slicing and drilling in an aftermarket mod-shop. Another reason Autocar trucks are Always Up®.

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Autocar is not just a truck, it's a whole company! When you buy an Autocar truck you get a lot more than just the best truck. You get direct access to a team of people at Autocar who are obsessed with making you succesful. When you reach out to Autocar Solutions® you’ll speak to the people who designed and built your truck, who’ll own your request until the problem is solved. Our Always Up service commitment offers unlimited training, hundreds of service locations nationwide, and a rapid-response parts team…for the life of your truck!

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4. Getting it DONE-DONE with Vocational Trucking

We don't spread ourselves thin by trying to offer everything under the sun. We stay focused on severe duty vocational trucking and in this relentless world, generic stock trucks simply don’t deliver on the hardest, dirtiest, and toughest jobs around. Making sure our customers have the most integrated, premium custom tool to get any job DONE-DONE is what drives us every day.

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5. Safety Is Always on Our Mind

You've made safety a top priority for your team for good reasons and you work hard at it. That's why Autocar trucks are engineered from the ground up with safety in mind. Innovative panoramic driver visibility and the tightest turning radius mean less backing-up and fewer collisions. We brought autonomous braking to the refuse truck market with Autocar’s ADAS offering and our all-steel cabs and wrap-around bumpers protect your operators. Plus thoughtful details, like placing all fluid service points together on the curb side, add up to make Autocar one of the safest trucks in the business.

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6. Diverse Powertrain Options For Your Fleet’s Needs

Autocar offers powertrain diversity to optimize your fleet’s running cost and meet compliance requirements. Whether you require a diesel, compressed natural gas or EV truck, we integrate each powertrain option by hand to ensure absolute powertrain integrity, peak performance and optimal efficiency. Our engineering team constantly innovates, testing and prototyping the latest propulsion technologies for future needs… because the future waits for no one.

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7. Autocar Means Innovation From Day One

America’s first truck ever, built in 1899, pioneered the cabover and proudly carried the Autocar name. The Autocar name has signaled a continuous stream of industry-shaping innovations for well over a century, like the worlds first EV truck in 1923. In fact, the oldest motor vehicle make in the Western Hemisphere carries the Autocar badge. And here’s another surprise for you: Autocar is the only American-owned severe-duty vocational truck manufacturer that’s built by hand in America.

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