Here’s what makes Autocar trucks different and better.

Autocar is unlike any other truck manufacturer because everything we do is focused on making you successful. So everything we do is different from the other guys:
- We work with you differently
- We spec and build your trucks differently
- We support you differently
Scroll down to see just a few of the advantages the Autocar Difference brings to our hundreds of customers.



Your Autocar truck is a member of your family from birth, because it’s custom-engineered to meet your exact needs. Autocar starts by learning the unique demands of your business and application. Then we design and build the right truck just for you. No wonder Autocar trucks get more work done, are more reliable, and cost less to run.

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Every Autocar truck is built right the first time for the job it’s going to do. That means custom-engineering your trucks for the body you chose and integrating all the components. Then your trucks are built right - on Autocar's main production line. No generic stock trucks and no chopping, changing, slicing and dicing in an aftermarket mod-shop. Another reason Autocar trucks are Always Up®.

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Autocar is not just a truck, it's a whole company. When you buy an Autocar you get a lot more than just the best truck. You get direct access to a huge team of people at Autocar dedicated to making you successful. From the expert technicians at Autocar Solutions®, to unlimited training, hundreds of service locations nation-wide, and a rapid-response parts team, Autocar will support you for the life of your truck.

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4. Big jobs need the biggest cab

You know better than anyone there is no job harder than yours. None. That’s why Autocar trucks have the biggest cabs in the business. The Autocar ACX® has more hip room. More leg room. More belly room. Easier to get in and out of. Easier to work in all day long. And the Autocar ACMD® handles a 3-man crew, no sweat. The ACTT® has the biggest cab of any yard truck in America. That makes Autocar trucks more productive - and makes your life easier every day.

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5. Safety doesn’t happen by accident

You've made safety a top priority for good reasons and you work hard at it. That's why Autocar trucks are engineered from the ground up to be the safest work trucks. An incredible 325° of driver visibility and the tightest turning radius mean less backing and fewer collisions. Autocar’s all-steel cabs and wrap-around bumpers resist damage. Plus thoughtful details, like placing all fluid service points together on the curb side, add up to make Autocar the safest trucks in the business.

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6. The CNG Experts

When it comes to building your competitive advantage, Autocar CNG is your #1 option. In fact, Autocar has been #1 in CNG year after year. Let Autocar’s experience and training program help you capture all the benefits of gas, such as significantly lower – and more predictable –operating costs, less noise, better rear visibility, and the “Green” badge of honor your customers will appreciate.

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Autocar built America’s first truck ever, in 1899, and not only pioneered the cabover but a continuous stream of industry-shaping innovations. In fact, Autocar is the oldest motor vehicle make in the Western Hemisphere. And here’s another surprise for you: Autocar is the only leading brand of Class 7 and Class 8 cabover trucks that’s both American-made and American-owned. Every Autocar is built by American hands. Autocar: The first and only truly American cabover.

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