Autocar Trucks Are Always Up

Autocar Trucks Are Always Up

Autocar's Consistent Ethic for Truck Manufacturers

Truck operators consistently need one thing the most from truck manufacturers -- an "Always Up" truck. An operator relies on their vehicle to work as hard as they do every day for every job. And consumers, too (whether they realize it or not), also rely on these trucks. As a result, the vehicle doesn't merely transport refuse, refuel an airplane, or move trailers. Nor does it simply provide a service to the eventual consumer. Instead, the truck brings something meaningful - something of significant value

A truck's workload depends on its vocation. But the truck's vocation doesn't matter quite as much as its ability to remain "Always Up." People depend on truck manufacturers and operators and demand trucks that run right—every time. Autocar's "Always up" slogan is more than that – it's part of Autocar's DNA. 

What Truck Manufacturers Don't Tell You About Replacement Parts

Autocar is a totally different and better OEM. Autocar trucks are built specifically for each customer. This is precisely why Autocar does not have hundreds of premade vehicles like the competition does. We know that severe-duty work trucks have to be purpose-built for the exact job it needs to do. So, when a tool is built just for you from the very beginning – then and only then do you get the perfect tool. 

Autocar's business model is based on the sale of the truck, not on the truck's lifetime of service and parts. Did you know that Autocar does not have a line item for parts and service in its financial statements? Furthermore, did you know that the vast majority of truck manufacturers make more money from parts and service than they do from the sale of the truck? Not Autocar.

The majority of truck manufacturers have a standard chassis. These chassis then have to be modified significantly to fit various bodies. When a chassis is modified, the integrity of the original work is lost which could result in unnecessary downtime. Essentially, they've nailed down a "template" for their products. It helps them churn out more vehicles a whole lot faster.

But here's what those same truck manufacturers don't tell you: they don't make their money from you buying the vehicle. Instead, they make their money selling you parts and labor. Consider how supply chain shortages have driven up the prices of auto parts. As a result, truck operators cannot drive when their vehicle needs parts.

How Autocar Differs from Other Truck Manufacturers

Autocar builds the perfect tool for your business. That means that we build each truck to fit your specific vocational needs. We engineer trucks so they can do the exact job needed. And we don't build it until you order it. "Always Up" means that our BADASS trucks are tough and strong, and get it done!

Our promise keeps us head and shoulders ahead of other truck manufacturers. That's what you get when you buy an Autocar truck. You get a truck meant to be "Always Up." 

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