Autocar celebrates 10,000th terminal tractor, partners with Lazer Logistics

Autocar celebrates 10,000th terminal tractor, partners with Lazer Logistics

Lazer Logistics is expanding its EV terminal tractor fleet with a rather special truck from Autocar, featuring a celebratory plaque worth commemorating.

(Hagerstown, Indiana) – Autocar LLC’s center of global terminal tractor operations is celebrating with Lazer Logistics, as it takes delivery of the 10,000th Autocar terminal tractor, an E-ACTT.

Lazer Logistics, from its first spotter truck in 1996 to a business with more than 1800 units and 500 sites across North America, knows the value of keeping customer commitments while treating staff like family. Adam Newsome, Lazer Logistics CEO, was thrilled to receive the key and plaque for the company’s latest Autocar truck. “We’ve been working with Autocar for years, and it has been terrific to see their product line-up grow with new models, responding to customer fleet needs, like the EV terminal tractor.”

Newsome recognizes that terminal tractor fleets are changing to comply with emissions regulations. “We need zero-emissions terminal tractors, but we don’t want to compromise performance, durability, cab familiarity or driver comfort. With Autocar’s EV yard truck, we can choose emissions compliance without compromise. Our drivers are at home in Autocar’s terminal tractor cab layout, something familiar and trusted to them, whether they are in an internal combustion ACTT or the EV version.”

With several States moving towards zero-emission deadlines for different kinds of trucks, companies like Lazer Logistics value the commonality of purpose and diversity of powertrains available with Autocar’s terminal tractors. Customer-centric design and Always Up support differentiate Autocar, with all trucks built to exact customer needs and available with enhanced custom engineering to meet the most demanding customer-specific job requirements. The EV terminal tractor features an Autocar- developed electric powertrain, delivering powerful zero emissions performance with the hand built quality for which Autocar terminal tractors are known. 

Mark Aubry, President of Autocar’s Terminal Tractor Division in Hagerstown, emphasized the customer-obsessed engineering of the terminal tractor range. “The EV terminal tractor shares 85% parts commonality with Autocar’s diesel-powered ACTT. As tractors arrive to our customers, whether internal combustion or electric, they’re easy to integrate into overall fleet operations and balance our customers’ emissions requirements.”

Aubry championed the team effort that rolled the Lazer Logistics 10,000th terminal tractor off the production line. “Autocar’s terminal tractor business started in Hagerstown. We have a tremendous team of people here at all levels of the company, and this is a pivotal moment where I want to recognize and applaud their efforts. I’m thrilled with our efforts at Hagerstown during the past 15 years, expanding from a single product line to three and working towards achieving this significant terminal tractor milestone.”

“It’s excellent to see the confidence a strategic partner such as Lazer Logistics has in Autocar. I am immensely grateful to our committed employees for enabling this important partnership by building great trucks, like the 10,000th terminal tractor. We look forward to future growth, delivering many more trucks for Lazer Logistics.”


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