Autocar Models Designed For Jobsite Applications

Autocar Models Designed For Jobsite Applications

Hagerstown, Indiana-based Autocar says its new DC™ series, ACX, Xpeditor and ACMD Xpert truck models have been designed to fit the needs of construction body requirements while improving job performance, adding safety measures and maximizing uptime.

The Autocar DC delivers performance aspects that include better stability, tighter turning radius, greater frame strength, and overall custom engineering, says the company. On the safety front, DC series trucks offer 325 degrees of visibility from the driver’s seat, with nearly 5,000 square inches of viewable glass area “providing 30 percent more visibility than other conventional trucks,” says the firm.

Autocar says its trademark wrap-around windshield with tucked-in support pillars maximizes the forward visibility for safety.

Regarding durability, DC series trucks include the use of “ultra-high-strength, 160,000 psi (pound-force per square inch) steel frame rails” that allow the trucks to handle up to 1,700 foot-pounds of torque and has an 80,000-pound towing capacity. All models are available with either diesel or CNG/LNG (compressed natural gas/liquefied natural gas) fuel options.

The DC-64M comes with what Autocar calls built-in diagnostics designed to provide electrical diagnostics reports, access to service intervals, bodybuilder and operator manuals, and access to 3D schematics, all viewable on a standard seven-inch display screen.

The company says that when designing the Autocar DC-64D, it “sought direct input from industry experts while pairing its 200-plus years of severe-duty truck experience to engineer a best-in-class truck designed specifically for construction applications.”

Says Tim Thornton, Autocar’s vice president of strategy and commercialization, “Autocar’s mission is to build trucks that never break down and are, ‘always up.’ To do this we work directly with the customer to engineer the truck specific to their application, then work closely with the body company for additional pre-body engineering to enable a seamless integration that is truly unique to Autocar. Our direct-to-customer, pre-engineered approach, has simplified the integration of post-production equipment while committing to operational excellence and life-of-the-truck support.”