Autocar Natural Gas Symposium is Crossroads of America's Top Haulers

Future of alternative fuel charted by panel of industry experts

INDIANAPOLIS, Nov. 14, 2013 - Last week, refuse truck manufacturer and CNG innovator Autocar hosted a symposium on natural gas that brought together a group of America's top private and municipal refuse haulers with leading experts in the field of natural gas investment, exploration and technological innovation. The first of what promises to be an annual gathering, the event was a meeting place for local and regional waste haulers from across the country, filled with the natural camaraderie that results from shared values and common goals.

The symposium's presenters included Jim Arthurs, President of Cummins Westport, Inc., which engineered the ISLG natural gas engine in conjunction with Autocar; Michael E. Hoffman, Managing Director of Wunderlich Securities, which hosted the first annual Investor Summit at the 2013 Waste Expo in New Orleans; and Professor Gurcan Gulen of the University of Texas at Austin's Bureau of Economic Geology, who is an expert on energy policy and the economics of alternative fuels.

Attendees representing organizations as diverse as Waste Industries, CleanScapes, Texas Disposal Systems, Chicago Disposal and the City of Charlotte, N.C. were treated to an intimate guided tour of Autocar's streamlined refuse truck production facility in nearby Hagerstown, Indiana, as well as a series of presentations from industry experts. In addition to networking opportunities, haulers were able to learn from each other by comparing stories and strategies in their respective markets. Space at the event was limited, and Autocar plans to expand next year's event in order to accommodate those who wished to attend but were unable to do so.

"It was a great opportunity to meet other people across the industry," said Hank Brown, Fleet Manager of Tidewater Fibre Corporation in Chesapeake, VA. "Autocar's core values really make a difference for us. We see that early innovators take the time to do things right the first time. Others haven't integrated CNG into their trucks properly, and a key critical component for us is integration. Some things aren't done because people don't demand it. But Autocar went out and asked us what we needed. They go the extra mile to help you."

Brown continued, "We're the end users, and this showed us that the guys at Autocar are there for us – to put faces to names and see the pride and sweat that goes into their trucks means a lot. Their trucks are made in America, start to finish. You see those people really enjoy what they're doing. They get it, and not a lot of folks do."

Autocar is the leading CNG and severe service vocational truck provider in America. As the first refuse truck maker to adopt the revolutionary Cummins Westport CNG engine, Autocar is bringing energy independence, economic vitality and environmental consciousness to the North American waste hauling industry. Headquartered in Hagerstown, Indiana and bearing a century-long history of engineering innovation, it now manufactures the premier waste hauling tool in the market. Autocar is affiliated with Illinois-based GVW Group, LLC.