Burgess Concrete Construction Gets Triple Threat for Tough Jobs

Burgess Concrete Construction recently joined the Autocar family with the addition of an Autocar ACX 8x4 custom chassis with a telescopic belt conveyor to their fleet of trucks.

Burgess Concrete joins hundreds of Autocar clients in using the most versatile and hardworking concrete pump truck on the planet. The truck is built with an Allison transmission paired with a Cummins engine, making each Autocar truck a triple threat on site for any tough job.
Custom-engineered to deliver the best results for company specific job needs, these ACX 8x4 cabs are built for maximum up-time. Burgess Concrete can now enjoy the reliability built into their product, boosting their bottom line.

Since we value each customer and pump truck sale, we’re grateful for the trust Burgess has put in us and our products. As with all our customers, they will enjoy a lifetime of personal, factory-direct support from our Autocar Solutions® service command centre team.
With the growth of this partnership, we’re looking forward to assisting Burgess in getting their job done right, first time.